Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You might as well eat the packaging...

From our friendly neighbors to the East...ok, North for some of you...

Finally, someone is getting down to brass tacks and boycotting a major player in the farmed-salmon distribution chain.

We here at Neil Creek, being former Commercial Fishers, current players in the Seafood Industry, and all-around full-time fish nuts, think that Salmon Farming is about the dumbest idea to come down the turnpike since bottom trawling (which has been subsequently banned outright in most places, and very tightly regulated in others).

Peek in at to see what these folks are doing. Unlike some other organizations (i.e. those retards misguided veggieheads at PETA), the guys at CAAR are just trying to bring some rational sense to an out-of-control ecological timebomb.

Remember the bumper stickers, kids...they don't lie.


bacon_to_fry said...

i need one of those wild salmon don't do drugs stickers.

where can i find one, fella?

G_Smolt said...

Free...send a small donation, plus postage, to:
#201 - 195 Commercial St.,
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5G5
Tel:250-753-3459 Fax:250-753-2567

Check out the details here...

The image I posted is from a t-shirt, available at: