Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Officially Official.

After answering an ad in the hot new flyfishing rag "Lifestyles of the Stumbly Dirtbags", we gots us a new job. Following an interview in pidgin Swahili and a grueling, 7-minute training session, we are the new, official Shop-Floor-Sweeper, Moose-Nose-Wiper, Casher-of-Forged-Checks, and Junior-Dirtbag-in-Training over at BWTF.

How will this affect our relationship, you might ask?

We're still gonna post over here, and we're still gonna get our food and music on. This one hasn't run its course yet.

But a change of pace is always an OK thing, and we're pretty sure that things are gonna work out just fine.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sushi Party box scores.

Apparently, we were mistaken in our assumption that this year's Sushi Party™ was the 10th annual celebration of the Gonger's birfday...we were told in no uncertain terms by several people that were certainly and reliably stoned to the gills that this was, in fact, only the 9th time this celebration had occurred. Our bad.

At any rate, Tout le Juneau came out for the throwdown, and we did our best to get a little strange and push out the accepted boundaries of what goes in sushi. The surprise hit of the year (to everybody else but us) was bacon, followed closely by pineapple, kimchi, and mango.

C'mon, people. Bacon goes with everything.

Images from an evening of gourmet chaos.

When starting out a hectic, beer- and sake-filled evening of rolling sushi, it is best to remember just what the hell you are doing in the first place. Several of these got scrapped, but the Mermaid is one of the best combinations we have ever come up with.

A half-Chinese guy and a Scandinavian mutt, about to throw down some sushi love.

The aforementioned Mermaid, with the addition of avocado.

Spider roll fodder, pre-tempura.

Squid, mixed with squid, stuffed in squid...the Ika-Ika.

In the thick of things.

The first dessert that worked - banana in coconut rice, wrapped in soypaper, topped with caremelized sugar. How could it NOT be good?


We got some good stuff out of this year's session, and there are some new ideas sloshin' around in the braincase for next year's throwdown...

But you're gonna hafta wait until then to know what they are.