Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 - a photographic review

Well, THAT one went by fast.

2012 is over and done with, and the speed with which the years fly by seems to be increasing in direct proportion to age of the observer. The cobwebs around the collegiate algebraic functions portion of our brain are pretty thick, but if we remember correctly, a fella could make the case that age has a terminal velocity and it seems as if we are rapidly approaching it. Judging by our lack of memory, loss of fine motor skills, and the weird places that our hair wants to grow these days, we're pretty sure that we're close to being officially old, if not then at least feeling that way every morning.

At any rate, that's another one in the books. Another handful of non-resident fishing licenses, a few more nooks and crannies explored, a few more places on the map that we can now erase the "here be dragons" remarks. A few more RoadTrips, a couple more RoadFood spots, a metric assload of plane rides, and a whole pile of river time...2012 might have flown by, but we wouldn't trade it for the world.


RoadTrip '13v1 kicks off in a little over 58 hours...

Can't wait, fisha.