Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh, yeah...

It's not that we don't like y'all, or that y'all smell funny or somethin - we have just been preoccupied with other aspects of life for a bit and sorta let the whole blogging thing fall by the wayside. After our writing slipped, we started to lose some basic grooming and hygiene skills...come to think of it, we have been grunting and pointing a LOT lately...

ANYWAYS, first it was June that flew by, now a whole 'nother month is gone, and it seems like the ride is picking up speed the older we get. Speaking of older, we have a birthday coming up, so if you happen to have an extra Ferrari or a spare million bucks or something, feel free to send it to Us in lieu of a regular birthday present.

The dog days of summer have come and gone, and we are losing light fast, folks. Every morning we have to listen to that jerk on the radio say something inane like "14 hours and 22 minutes of daylight, a loss of 4 minutes, 49 seconds". Some mornings we fantasize about beating him with his microphone before he gets to the lost daylight part.

Daylight burning, Neil Creek style - scenes from the home games.



The dog days

...not so much

Shiny shiny

Damn your eyes

the Killing Fields

Dance partners

Murmurs of a trip, rumors of an excursion have been flying around lately. The official travel agent of the Neil Creek Center has us locked in for RoadTrip '11 v5.0, but the word around the campfire is a side-excursion might have us headed north to a big river with big fish. Supposedly, we're gonna be working during this trip, but we're pretty sure that some play-time has been factored in.

Summer's damn near over, kids. Get it while you can.