Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dreams of fishes

Remember when we still fished? You know, back then in the spring, before it got kinda busy at work?


Fun times.

We miss that too.

At any rate, we have been behind the curve lately with work and assorted stuff, so...sorry. We'll try not to go another postless month.

In other news, we are now the proud owner of a bamboo rod. No, NOT the type that the Wife uses to stake the peas, but a real, honest-to-dog handcrafted bamboo rod. Not sure what came over us, but when the chance came by we couldn't pass it up - it was a hell of a deal, too. Matter of fact, it would have been more expensive to get a plane ticket down to the lower 48 just to steal this thing out of the any rate, we were made an offer that we couldn't refuse, and we didn't.

"Parabolic 16" is the taper type, and we won't argue. We're not exactly sure what a parabolic taper is (and we're pretty sure that most folks that use the word "parabolic" when talking about fish poles don't know, just sounds expert), but we do know that it will throw the hell out of a flyline. 2 pieces, agate stripper guide, 8 dainty feet and one inch, with a nicely carved locking-ring reelseat.

As it turns out, the universe does not explode if you throw a plastic line with a bamboo rod. Things get a little wobbly, but the whole mishmash of space-time doesn't seem change much. We decided to push our luck an' see if we could fish with a bead on a bamboo rod...dunno, mebbe time would cease to exist, pigs would fly, Sarah Palin would be taken seriously... something like that.

In the end, things went just fine. Matter of fact, it seemed like we caught MORE fish that evening...piscine word got out that some dude had a pretty twig that you would just LOVE to see.

Eat your heart out, Tradition.