Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shoulda been here last week, 1

In case your cubicle isn't near a window or your link to the NWS -AK isn't working, here's some breaking news: Summer is over.

The latest high water episode is probably the stake in the heart for the last of the summer chums, sweeping out the debris for the arrival of the favorite son, the coho. We'll get excited about them soon enough, but there is still a little bit of the dolly fishin' to do. The time of the large is upon us, time to be meticulous about detail - orange and round can only get you so far. The big boys like their meals to come correct, and will give you nothin' but fin if you are fishing last week's shade in this week's water.

Matériel acquisition has commenced for RoadTrip '09 v2.1, D and the Narwhal ( or is it the Pinwhal?) are in the picture, as well as 6 days with Drifter the wonderdog. Word around the campfire is that the 2-hander will be the star in the Swinger's Ball all weekend, but we'll wait until plans firm up to get giddy.

Until then we'll be hunched over the vise, giggling maniacally and daydreaming about the ones that won't get away.

Shots from last week.

Brothers...or sisters. We didn't check.

One that didn't hear the Internet KnowItAlls advice that cutts don't eat beads.

...Aaaand another one that didn't hear the KnowItAlls proclamation that beads don't work when there are a lot of salmon eggs in the river.

Let the Coho games begin.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Act III, Intermission.

Summer chums are about done...rather, the little hatchery rats that spawn in July and can't seem to grow bigger than 7lbs are done. The real chums, the fall fatties that spawn in November, are just beginning to show up to the parade ground.

Carcasses are piling up in flows all over SE, and the humpies that were bullied out of prime spawning gravel are now back at it, albeit slightly higher up the bar and in a little faster water. Meanwhile, the dollies have grown fat and happy on a diet of greasy goodness in the form of chum eggs, and most have put on 20-25% of their initial spring weight...chubby little bastiges.

The fall prince is slated to make an appearance next, and if you listed closely, you can hear the Daughter of Fog begin to call them.