Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Wetness

We are pretty sure that it has rained every damn minute of every day for the last 30 days running. Realistically, we know this isn't didn't rain last saturday. Regardless, facts aren't important here - we're going for feel, and it feels like October already, and it isn't even fall. Yet. Officially.

At any rate, when a fella can actually find a flow that isn't flooding or doesn't resemble a muddy wash box, things have been pretty good. The dollies are finally coming back to their traditional late summer resting spots after being forced into exile by about a kabillion pink salmon, and the coho run is progressing nicely, thank you. Vise time has been productive as well, with a few new quirks to work on for the local end game as well as the start of RoadTrip season.

Speaking of RoadTrips, RoadTrip '11 v5 commences in a mere 24 days, 19 hours, and 5 minutes - as usual, not like we're counting or anything. 12 days of long rods, desert, dirtbags, and steel, then back to civilization...well, SE AK anyhow. Until then, we're just gonna have to remember to rotate out the soggy gear on a regular basis, and check for mold often.

Scenes from The Wetness.

Humpies, in all their gory glory.

Punchy, gettin' after it for the cameras.

Maggot farm.

The graph from Hell.

Blackwater 'ho.

Locals in the hole.

How to burn up camera equipment in the rainforest.

The aftermath of the "party like you are 19, but fall asleep like you are 42" bash.

Flood damage.

Out with the old...

...and in with the new.

Pot farmin'.


RoadTrip '11 v6 is currently in the works, with a trip to the Gulf Coast in the offing. Big bulls in the grass, a flats skiff, and several cases of Shiner are involved, but we're still in the planning stages - we'll keep you posted...until then, we're just gonna hold out hope for a few more days like saturday.