Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Once again above the 50th parallel.

The household is experiencing a slight case of 19°31'51"N, 156°00'48"W withdrawal - seems like everything needs a little toasted coconut and some fresh fruit to make it good, and drinks just don't seem to taste right without one of those teeny umbrellas in them. In our experience, this syndrome lasts a week or two, occasionally longer...depends on how much rain we're getting.

Not that there is time for moping around, you understand. Spring is on the way, and FolkFest is right around the corner...more on that later. Contractual obligations have us making public appearances for a few weeks, but after that, we're gonna be pretty damn hard to get ahold of. Word around the campfire is that the Annual Spring Freakout is gonna be a good one this year.

It's still raining, and our coconut coffee (Lion, brah...broke da mouf) is getting lukewarm, so check out some tropical scenes while we mug up.

Lava tree

We dig turtles.

Coconut "flower"

Did we mention that we dig turtles?

Are you sure?

Did we...nevermind.

This guy tried to sell me insurance out on the Lanai one day.

Ma's turtle

Aloha, mahalo nui loa

Friday, March 12, 2010

Runnin' on Empty

Home is a nebulous concept these days.

Since January 5th, we have been "home" for a grand total of 19 days. "Home" in quotes, because at times we felt quite at home while on the road, most often whilst standing knee-deep in a coastal flow and holding a flyrod. RoadTrip '10 v1.0, 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0 are now complete - some of it will linger for awhile in the memory, and some of it we couldn't get rid of fast enough...if you ever read this, Bangkok, we're talkin' about you.

At any rate, we are back home for the time being, trying to get acquainted with the cute chick that hangs out here (she says she already knows us...whatev). 52 days of mostly bad-for-you food, 52 days of not-your-own-bed, 52 days of what-smells-funny rental cars, 52 days of being abnormally polite and courteous is a hard stench to scrub off, but in this case we got a pretty good brush and soap combo comin' up in about 72 hours.

That's right, kids. RoadTrip '10 v4.0 is up next. 8 days at 19°31'51"N, 156°00'48"W with the nice older couple we used to live with, and with any luck we can get the cute chick that hangs around here to go, too. First class there and back, drinks with tiny umbrellas, sand, sun...That's what we're talkin' about. Word around the campfire is that the Costco over there has a bitchin' poke bar and the cheapest booze on the chain - you can bet that we'll be putting those rumors to the test.

184 hours to put the last 52 days behind us. It ain't gonna be easy, but someone has to do it.

'Ike 'oukou kaka'ikahi pule, haoles.