Thursday, May 19, 2011

El sudar abajo del hombre

Estamos casi listos para irse. Pronto seremos el conseguir hecho listos y comenzaremos nuestro viaje. ¿Nuestra destinación? Sur de la frontera, donde el pez gallo grande nadadas en el mar azul calient...Waaaait a minute. Y'all understand spanish, ¿correcto? ¿Por qué no?

The local game is still going, but we tuned that out a few days ago to concentrate on the big picture...not that packing 4 pairs of board shorts and 3 island-hopper shirts took that long, mind you, but we had to get in the proper frame of we took our own damn sweet time. The time for RoadTrip v3 is upon us - We don't know about you, but hot-ass sunshine, running around on the hot sand, trying not to succumb to heatstroke or dehydration, drinking our body weight in margaritas daily and snorkeling / fishing / lazing about all day for 11 days sounds like a pretty OK proposition.

A few 10wts, spare lines, big-ass flies, a beachfront condo, a 4-wheeler, a pidgin dictionary, Iodine tablets, and enough bail money to keep us free in most 3rd world fishing destinations...We're goin' to the Big Show.

Less than 22 hours 'til go time.