Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RoadTrip Season

Time, fellas.

RoadTrip '10 v5 is upon us, and not a moment too soon. We have been dealing in drama and stress like hard currency all summer, and it is time to take a breather, get on a good grease slick with the rocket stick and drop into the fish trance again. In 139 hours, 36 minutes, and 55 seconds, we will be sittin' in a big leather seat up in the front of one of Mac McGee's fine planes, the one with the eskimo on the tail, pondering the landscape and idly stirring a fine mixed beverage while we speed the hell away from the rat race for a week.

When we touch down, all systems are go for 6 days of wicked good swingin' with K8 and Crumptastic (sorry 'bout the hotlink, E&B), knee-deep and sideways in one of the greatest big 'bow flows in the world.

Been slaving at the vise for a few nights, covered in bunny and arctic fox fuzz, muttering incoherently and waving half-formed ideas around in a little dish of water. We're pretty sure we got a handle on the situation, but the nagging voice of self-doubt is always nattering away, making sure we tie at least a few more with the heads just so, or some with that funky color spot that worked so well this spring...

6 days in the big leagues. After that, home for a decompression and laundry stop, then off for 15 days on RoadTrip '10 v6, Steelhead edition.

Can't wait, fisha.