Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June, in the rearview.

Well, THAT month went by fast.

From the tropics to damn near the arctic in 5 days, and from salt to fresh, and back to salt again...by the time we got a chance to catch our breath, it was July, and that means it's time to pay the Piper again.

We wouldn't work if we didn't have to, but the Wife doesn't like freeloaders loafin' around the house. Back to the salt mines with us, and hopefully we'll make enough to cover the next 8 months' fun.

Pictures from a better time.

Coach, gettin' his swang on.

28" of love, morning-style.

Dork, trout.

the Narwhal, newest member of the Over30 club.

Gonger with his fish of a lifetime.

4th night, right about the time that everything is funny.

The Last Good Cast.

Sweet release.

4 days and 1,106 miles later...

Snap, crackle, $.

Love on the swing...

On the grill...

And fresh from the smoker.

We're actually looking forward to a little work - idle hands are the Devil's hands and all that. Problem is, we been havin' a hell of a good time on our seasonal retirement this year, so easin' in to work mode might be a little harder this year. Until we get into full swing, we'll probably be weaning ourselves off the local, cutting back the time incrementally instead of quitting fishing cold-turkey. When we do quit fishin' due to the harsh mistress Work, we have a head full of memories to rely on, as well as the future to look forward to...

RoadTrip '11 v5.0 and v5.1, kids. Only 74 more days 'til we're living the dream again.