Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Officially Official.

After answering an ad in the hot new flyfishing rag "Lifestyles of the Stumbly Dirtbags", we gots us a new job. Following an interview in pidgin Swahili and a grueling, 7-minute training session, we are the new, official Shop-Floor-Sweeper, Moose-Nose-Wiper, Casher-of-Forged-Checks, and Junior-Dirtbag-in-Training over at BWTF.

How will this affect our relationship, you might ask?

We're still gonna post over here, and we're still gonna get our food and music on. This one hasn't run its course yet.

But a change of pace is always an OK thing, and we're pretty sure that things are gonna work out just fine.

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