Sunday, October 14, 2007

Maybe time for one more...

Dang, that was quick.

The water came up on Friday morning, and by Sunday, the fish had moved out.

Today saw me n' the Big B on a local lookin' for trout, throwin' some flesh and flippin' some beads. We nooked, we crannied, we did everything but set a net in the creek and we only managed 2 trout hooked, and raised up another 2-3 without consummation. Also raised were 4 or 5 old coho, of which we landed one.

Gimme an L... Gimme an A... Gimme an M... Gimme an E.

Ugh. Lame late season fishing makes us wonder if we shouldn't have just unplugged the alarm clock and forgotten about these mythical late-season fish, the large-and-hungry...

On the plus side, we did get to play with the Redskins on a Sunday.

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