Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Order is Restored.

The Departure of guests, dropping river levels, and the return of the Fanz from his trip Outside should serve as a harbinger of doom for the local coho populations.

Picked up the Fanz at the airport yesterday, and we were in the game about an hour later, with less-than-desirable water levels and more recalcitrant fish than we would normally like, but in the game nonetheless.

Overnight chill sent the rivers into a deep drop and clear, leaving a perfect window between Fall Lows to get things rollin'.

Kicked it off at the local at about 11am, the usual starting time for us here at Neil Creek...gotta let the fish wake up, get a mug-up, feel civilized, you know...

Had to hoof for fin, but that's nothing new. A few of the low holes looked to be Game On, but not much came in with the AM tide.

When we got in 'em, we got in 'em. Fresh fish, in the river a day or two, more than happy to play along with the game.

The Fanz, offering supplication to the Daughter of Fog, pleasing his Totem.

Another one of...well, lots.

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