Monday, October 15, 2007

Things That Make Us Go Hmmm, Installment #6

Norbert Rosing is a professional photographer specializing in Arctic images. One can imagine the photo he thought he was going to take as this meeting unfolded...not to mention the fact that he figured he would have to walk all the way back to Churchill, Manitoba, pulling his own sled.

As it turned out, this bear just wanted a little meet n' greet with the hounds.

Dunno, mebbe he was tired of the other bears calling him a weenie for hangin' out with his Seal friends.

All he needed was to hug some...thing.

Norbert capitalized on the situation by snapping this set of amazing photos, among others. The bear returned each evening for a week, playing with the dogs for awhile, then moving on.

Makes you wonder if the Coastal Brownies around here are just angry because they were misunderstood as cubs and not allowed to express their true feelings...


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