Monday, October 22, 2007

Fade to Black.

It took the better part of a week, but we are finally willing to admit that this one is over.

Fini. Done. Kaput. Fossilized, even.

There might be one more raggedy fish to be had during a casting session, but the fishing year in the local flows is now one for the books.

The Neil Creek Traveling Beer Fountain and Road Show kicks off with a trip to the Old Country in November. That's right, goin' back to W WA, Warshintun state to do some Dolly fishing...or are they Bulls? Who cares, they probably haven't seen a SouthCentral bead rig and we have the feeling that we will clean up on the big'uns nestled in amongst the spawning chums in 2 big northern WA rivers that don't need to be named...

...Then off to the dry side to meet up with Shaky J and Junior to do some swingin' for those itty-bitty deformed and dark things that pass for steelhead in E WA. Apparently the pony express hasn't gotten word to the eastsiders that while dries and nymphs might catch the occasional fish, nothing cleans up on predatory steel like a 6" stringleech, so we will comport ourselves in a manner befitting an Ambassador of the modern synesthetic fishing movement and show those hicks how to catch fish.

From there it's off to the Guadalupe, Sabinal, and Nueces rivers in Central Texas to do a little Tweedbaggin' for some stocker rainbows in December. Dry Flies would be a welcome diversion, but We have a feeling that Susie Stringleech and Mr. Bead will again make an appearance...Who knows, maybe those retarded stockers will mistake a 6mm sun swirl for a kernel of corn...

Then off to the smallish flats and biggish reefs of Hawaii, where we will entertain ourselves catching aquarium fish while the wife sunbathes in February...or ImGonnaGoFreakinNuts, as this dark month is known in AK.

All in all, a good year, with another on the way.

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