Monday, October 29, 2007

Gearin' up for the Dry Side.

We have been hunched over the tying table for a day or so now, trying to translate our current steelhead arsenal into something that the EastSide fish can understand and get behind.

"Trouty" seems to be the adjective that applies to these recipe changes. The wild spring fish of SE AK give major fin to most drab patterns, with the notable exceptions of Cap'n K's ugly little bug that he consistently kills with, and the variant that we tie after wrestling the Cap'n for posession of said fly, intensive study, and shameless ripping-off with a few minor changes. Most of the patterns we fish are ill-described as "subtle", yet that seems to be the motive for the dry-side fish.

Enter the MoneyBug.

If ever there was a mutable pattern, this gem is it. Simple, Fast, Deadly when fished right, this is the one we are puttin' our chips behind.

Grainy surveillance footage of the original...

The EastSide version. Banned in 3 states, 15 Counties, 2 Provinces, and 7 entire watersheds.


John said...

Can you point to where the recipe might be? If it can be done without the middle finger. . .

G_Smolt said...

Due to National Security Concerns, as well as a standing order from NMFS,the recipe for this pattern cannot be revealed.

Pretty simple, though...just look at the fly.