Friday, October 12, 2007

Waiting in the wings.

After 2 days of couchbound inertia punctuated only by trips to the rink (3) and flyshop (2), We overcame our own lazy self and got out to the river for a few wet hours.

Water up. Vis about 3". More rain than really necessary. Hooking big soggy alder leaves every 10 minutes or so kept things interesting for the first hour, but interest was quickly lost when the reality of the situation was grasped.

Fishing for non-feeding ultra-territorial fish with irritating patterns doesn't work so well when the fish can't see more than 3 inches.

After switching it up for different colors and sizes, finally hooked up low in a swing. This grab was followed by one vigorous headshake, then things went downhill from there. Fighting a dishrag might have been more exciting. After an intense 18-second battle, a tired hen slid on the beach.

Now normally, we like to immortalize our fellow players with a photo. Not all of them, just one or two a day. Taking a picture of this girl would be like getting a picture of your Aunt Maude on saturday morning - curlers, eye gunk, hangover and all. She wasn't pretty, she wasn't a fighter, but she was a player and looking to spawn, so after a necessary resuscitation, we slipped her back into the fold for another go at the procreation game.

We're thinkin' that the fat lady might be on call. Warming up, getting ready to end this long cycle, put this to rest and wait for the spring.

Time to get the earplugs out.

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