Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sometimes, I'm Too Funky For My Own Damn Self.

Had the theme from "Undercover Brother" rollin' around in our head as we entered the Tying Wing of the Neil Creek Palace and National Monument...

The goal was to come up with somethin' funky. Somethin' to get the job done, but with panache and a certain je ne sais quoi.

We had to channel the fish bigtime today. Laid on the floor, looked at the ceiling, wondered which silhouettes would look like food, or fight, to the quarry. Pondered materials, colors, presentation options, construction, deconstruction, then finally had the mind's eye clear enough to see for the fish.

Feel the gravity of Tradition being overridden by the pull of exploration, wrapped in the aesthetic, married to the synesthetic, glossed over with a nod and wink to the final customer, the fish themselves. Is this it? Could this be the one?

Maybe so...but as always, we'll let the fish decide.

Some downright funky love, in the form of an Ed Ward-inspired topwater...

Ladies and Gentlemen...The Extruder.


Jonathan said...

Could you round out the back edge of the head to taper into the body?

Other than that, I like it.

A lot.

Flytimes said...


G_Smolt said...

C'mon, Junior..."round off the back edge"...?

Cut me some slack, man, I'm flyin' blind here.

Wait 'til you see the ace-in-the-hole. I can't show it on the blog, too many folks' monitors would short out.