Tuesday, October 9, 2007

That's Some Mighty Fine H2O

Took a day off from the chase to look at some new water today.

We took a walk up a local that we normally abstain from. Lots of folks there, generally, and not enough good water to go around. But with everyone in town bemoaning the lack of silvers (Huh?), there was little pressure on the flow today.

Being as how the Fanz and I are both on Injured Reserve - Him, elbow...Me, everything else - today we were totin' 5wts, armed with the magic color as well as some flesh flies to see if we could roust the local dolly populations from their mid-spawn bliss.

Things started off on a good note, with a few fish at the first hole, but hopes eroded with every pool thereafter. Good looking water, just the wrong time of year for most of it.

You know the look - not too fast, broken but not boily surface, fairly constant column flow, a few bumps and holes to hide - Great water, but today the fish had sex on their minds, and were probably snuggled up underneath some deadfall or something.

At any rate, we got a few here and there, and got a little more interested in the flesh fly as a prospect for some major Geekage...stay posted on that one.

Dollies get all duded up for the ladies during the season of lust...check out this suited-up Bad Boy.

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