Monday, October 22, 2007

Audience Participation Day, part I

Alrighty then.

We here at the Chronicles have been dreaming...ok, Fantasizing...about fishing for bonefish in some sunny tropical locale for damn near 10 years. Something about the combination of warm water, white flats, long casts and hyperactive mullet just seems so tempting that we need to experience it firsthand, not just through the FishPorn database currently known as the Internet.

As things turn out, a Fellow Pirate is going to Christmas Island and has invited the Neil Creek RoadShow to go along for Beer and Comedic Relief.

Yet another Lynn Canal Swashbuckler is going to the Bahamas, and made it known that the Chronicle Staff would be welcome in the fold for some flats blitzing.

All things being equal...and technically they are, as Alaska Air miles go a looooong way these days...Where would you go, and Why?

This is a chance for y'all in the cheap seats. Give us some feedback, mang.


Jonathan said...

belize, baby.

overkill said...

Xcalak north of Belize and much cheaper

G_Smolt said...



Coastal North America, hmmm? Lots of hookups? like, 20-30 a day?

That would be sweet.