Friday, October 5, 2007

Peepin' the 'Ho

The Fanz and I headed out a little earlier than Neil Creek Standard Time yesterday, hoping to catch a local without locals...

Getting to the creek, we saw some jackass and his buddy throwing rocks into a pool. As we got closer, we recognized BeeGee and his partner, both local Fish&Game heads, counting fish to do stock assessment.

I was kinda disappointed...I thought I would get a chance to outfish Jim Teeny...

At any rate, fishing right behind guys throwing rocks is an excercise in futility, and we didn't feel like sitting on the bank for an hour waiting for the fish to forget about the incedent. We did the only logical thing.

We went to another system.

There is a river that we have been getting signals from for awhile, low-frequency rumbles of things going down, fish going up, that sort of vibe.

This particular river, about 45 minutes from the nearest boat ramp, had been setting off alarms recently, but we were sure that the signals were false, weak at best. Then we got the tape from the Fin-Cam...

We were wrong.

On the way up the river, Cohos were scattered in 2's and 3's through the fastwater, and a few holes had bigger concentrations in the slack.

About 2 miles above tidewater, there was a pool with about 40 fish in it, some of them in the 15+ lb range.

After a pile of fish, the Fanz had an acute boredom attack and watched me bead for dollies for awhile before making another cast and hooking yet another coho.

Magis Adipose Quam Plurimus Populus, baby.

More Adipose Than Mos' Folks.

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