Saturday, October 13, 2007

Geek Spoken Here.

Got ahold of a Beulah "Elixir" 335gr full-float yesterday. The world, as we know it, has forever changed.

The standby Ed Ward formula of "Line=3 to 3.5 X Rod Length" is now under scrutiny, what with the Elixir being 28' and AirFlo coming out with the Skagit Compact at 23'. One could argue that since the new compact lines are designed to be fished with leaders that are 1.5X rod length, the formula still holds true...feel free to comment, Fisha.

At any rate, we ain't the smoothest of 2-hand practitioners, but this line on the trusty 11' 7wt bIIx made us feel like superstars. Paired it up with a 14' hard leader and a practice puff, went down to the boatramp and stroked for about an hour, groovin' on the tight loop that this line so easily formed. As stated above, we ain't pretty with the long rod, but throwin' easy 80's with the 11 footer is enough to get any true geek's attention.

Got a 295gr coming on monday for the 10'6" 5/6.

Any of you geeks got the Airflo compacts? Pipe up, now. We get the hairy eyeball from the wife if we just throw hard cash around without research on the product, so help a fellow geek out.

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