Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Whole New World of Geekdom

Just got ahold of a "sample" AirFlo Skagit Compact 600gr. 27' head.

At first glance, it looks like Tim & Co. are stealing kids' jumprope and marketing it as shooting heads for two-hander nerds.

According to JH down at the Rajeff Compound, these aren't quite done yet. Some folks in the know are still tinkering with the taper lengths, trying to get the turnover perfect. I'm not a good enough two-hand caster to tell if the tapers were spot-on, but wow.

Poor Fish. If this line will cast better than the "not quite there yet" sample I was huckin' around this morning, there is no place safe, no pool unreachable, no river unfishable.

Man, what a line. This baby really rewards good bottom-hand technique, and lets you know instantly when you speed up too much or try to apply power too early. When you hit it right, though...ssssssSSCHUNK up against the reel goes the line, straight an' laid-out, poppin' right at the very end and rollin' over just perfect.

Lines like this make me want to be a better two-handed caster, even though there aren't many places I fish that twofers have any significant advantage. Lines like this are just fun to cast, period. I could stand in a river, no fly on, and just huck this line around for the pure fun of watching the loop fly way out there, feeling the running line rip through the guides, and that satisfying thhhUNK that means you nailed it.

I have a pic of the line, but the photo isn't going to upload...I will post it later, so y'all get a feel for the jumprope that throws such sexy loops. the pic. Check check it, y'all

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