Friday, November 2, 2007

"Flies" - Quaint, but Anachronistic.

Here at the Neil Creek labs, we manage to consume a massive yearly Tying R&D budget, probably close to or exceeding the GNP of most small Third World Countries if you exclude Canada.

One thing that the balance sheet hasn't been showing lately is a surfeit of natural materials past the standard Rabbit and Marabou. If we fished for itty-bitty fish, we might need more...well..whatever it is that tweedbags tie their itty-bitty-fish flies with. As it stands, we fish for large, ultrapredatory fish, and these fish are caught on stuff that would defy categorization if it ended up in some hapless entomologist's net.

Which begs the question...

When do we quit calling them "Flies"?

If this was buzzin' round our picnic, we might consider moving to a different landmass.

So what should the new generation of "things tied on the end of a leader attatched to a flyline" be called?

We vote for "Kittens".


Nick said...

I call 'em "beasts. They aren't cute enough to be kittens.

I've been enjoying reading the blog through the season. Keep it up.

John said...

Black cat in the hat?