Friday, November 9, 2007

Ok, Let's try this again.

After an agonizing night of waiting, our flight was finally cancelled. 15 minutes after it was cancelled, the fog cleared and the airport reopened...


The one day we try to go Outside, the weather and AK Air conspire to keep us here. This must be part of a Master Plan, hatched by Bull Trout and Steelhead in Washington, intent upon saving their finny souls from the pitchfork of fire and brimstone that is our flyrod...

Then again, it could have just been the fog.

Oh well. We're tryin' again tonight. Shouldn't be a problem (knock, knock) as the weather is fairly clear, and the cries of anguished travelers have diminished from the roar of yesterday's cancellations.

The monkeywrench of a 24-hour delay has caused a wrinkle in the "Ideal Schedule", to wit: only one day of fishing on a bull trout river in WA. The next day has now been consumed as a travel day, with a stop at some as-of-yet unidentified "trout water" on the way to the dry side.

As if we didn't pack enough crap already.

As for the Steelhead portion, it seems that the beatified gaze of Lady Luck might have fallen on our motley crew. Rain is forecast to fall in the river valley for the 3 days before our trip, and no inclement weather is expected for the duration of our stay...once again, Knock, Knock.

We get our steelhead thang on in the too-short 3-week season here...the fish are big, bright, angry, and less than 10 miles from the Ocean. The fish that we are flying to are small, dark, mellow, and about 400 miles from the ocean...but they are steelhead, and that is reason enough to go chase them.

What we want.

What we will probably get...minus the proud adipose.

We just need a fish fix. Shakin' like a junkie with an overdue score, just let our plane be on time so we can feel the sweet release once more.

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