Thursday, November 15, 2007

Update from the Road.

Day six.

Mother Nature, She hate us.

Fog delay, then flooding on the first river, then drought on the second...

If we wasn't superstitious, we would think that she was out to get us. But, looking back, we were jinxed right from the start.

Never, and we mean NEVER, start a trip on a friday. Any fisherman worth his salt will tell you that.

We didn't get skunked, be we smelled that bastard comin' downstream. Shaky J came through, and we got fish when everyone else on the river got fin. Props, J, for the 3 cast wonder this am.

Tired, road-weary, we are halfway between the Blue Mountains and the Emerald city...a bed awaits.

Pictures and backstory by monday, peeps.

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