Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Random RoadTrip Photos

Going through the digital archive here at the Neil Creek National Monument and Laboratory...gots some randomness that seems to be the hallmark of the digital age. You know the stuff We're talkin' about - Things you wouldn't even think of shooting if there were only 24 pics on each roll. Now, any fool with a digital camera and a 2 gig card (that'd be us) can take 1400 high-on-quality but low-on-content pics and not even waste a frame of film.

Droppings from the Neil Creek official Archiving Device.

The drive to the river went along another river...perhaps some of you have seen this place before.

The drive to the river also included a hair-raising 129 turn grade that dropped from 4000ft to 1045ft in about 9 miles.

Junior, discovering that wet wading boots are rather hard after a night in 20 degree weather.

We'd heard that there were some other turkeys that were on this river, but I think we were mistaken.

Roll on, Big River, Roll on.

Fed up with unresponsive fish, Shaky J wakes himself across a tailout. Junior watches.

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