Tuesday, November 27, 2007

RoadFood, Vol. I


It can make or break a trip. Be it Burritos, 'Slawdogs, Ribs, Cheeseburgers and Fries, a Club Sandwich, or even an AM/PM MurderBurger, it can provide just the right touch to an epic roadtrip, or turn out to be the straw that broke the camel's back on a bad one.

When we were much younger, the whole family would pack it up to Eastern Washington's Yakima Valley for opening day of bird season. From the earliest time we could remember, to the last time we went with the family, there was one constant: Rossow's U-Tote-Em burgers in Ellensburg.

We have generally hazy memories of most of the hunting trips, but there are moments and memories of distinct clarity which, not suprisingly, have to do with the yearly stop at the U-Tote-Em. Sitting in the back of the station wagon noshin' on a humongous cheeseburger, trying to keep the dogs from gettin' in your food, throwin' fries our brothers, then messin' around in the little creek out back of the place...these things come into fine focus from the blur of many years, many trips.

Disregarding the "You Can't go Back..." saying, we returned recently to this burger wonderland of our youth. Still going strong, still frequented by the fragments of our family as they pass by singly and in formation, and still serving up a mean bacon cheeseburger, Rossow's is the very essence of RoadFood as it relates to the sporting adventure.

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Jonathan said...

good news, I found your dad's knife. Where should I mail it?