Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kitchen Sinkin'

Whaddya do when you go to a completely new system?

When fishin' the locals, We generally don't leave the house with more than one small box, 4 different patterns, or 4 different color beads...the less crap to tote around, the better. Plus, we have the added advantage of the whole first-name-basis with our friendly neighborhood anadromous denizens, so we already know what they dig, and what they give the fin to.

Not so on this road trip.

Well, the rivers on the WetSide are pretty similar to the small coastals that we fish...just a few thousand more cfs. Those don't have us diggin' through they flyboxes like some Orvis Queen in the middle of a hexagenia hatch, hopin' that the fish won't notice that the sulphurs he has only have 2 wraps at the thorax...

We might be overthinking this a bit. 8 Different silhouettes, 3-5 color variations, topwater, midwater, rock-crushing dredgers...Big, Small, Tweeners...purple, cerise, black, olive, grey...

F'r chrissakes, they're just steelhead. And Hatchery brats, at that. B-run retards that think irrigation ditches are a pretty happenin' place to swim. How smart can they possibly be?

But if there is a smart one in the bunch, we're gonna be ready for him. We got the bases covered, Jack.

48 hours to go.

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