Sunday, June 29, 2008

Breakfast of Champions, v2.1

The Wife is off squeezing seals for another week, so Us n' the dog have been practicing our lazy, shiftless, no-good male habits - sleeping in, hoggin' the covers, walking around the house in various states of undress...

Culinary discipline goes right out the window when we undergo involuntary bachelorhood. Meals are deconstructed into speedy, semi-nutritious pit stops than we can either stuff into our heads in under a minute or transport with us wherever we happen to be dashing off to.

We would like to take this time to thank whomever it was that created the burrito...We love you, man.

At any rate, the Breakfast of Champions, as you may recall (if you don't, go here and here) is an integral part of our summer routine. We are pleased to announce an addition to the family of breakfast greatness...The BLC.

Reeking of the middle American suburban white-picket-fence ghetto, incomplete without some Tang...Bacon on white bread liberally mayonnaise'd, with Iceberg lettuce and a square of wholesome individually wrapped pasteurized processed cheese food.

You smirk, but this IS the breakfast of the future.

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