Friday, June 13, 2008

Back to the Well


Weather was crappier today, and we took a beatin' on the "there" as well as the "back".

Was it worth it?

You bet your ass.

2 fly-gazers, 2 short-grabs, 7 solid, 4 landed. Little Bro got his ass handed to him by what appeared to be a dolphin...125 yds of 17 lb test, gone in 15 seconds. 2 massive wakes when the fish thrashed over the shallows, then the sound of a screaming drag and the smell of a burnt thumb. Before we could even get to the "Start" button, he was asking if we thought the little knot-thingy at the spool-end of the line would hold.

It did. The leader didn't.

Oh, well...these things happen. Little Bro acquitted himself well, going .500 for the day with 2 landed.

Today, it was another good day.

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