Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back to where you are...

"Ladies and Gentlemen...introducing in the challengers corner...weighing in a a combined 375 ready pounds...the Anglers!"

"...Aaaand in the champions corner...the undisputed heavyweight of the world...put your hands together for The King Salmon!"

We went 3 rounds with the kings, and we have to say that Little Bro punched his weight, even though he's still a rookie and all. Took the day off to collect wetlocks, visit the smoker, and make arrangements for the booty to be flown back to Ohio, where it should rightly be viewed as luxury protein. We sparred with the crustaceans as well, went 2 rounds with good results, so He's gonna take back some prime Dungeness too. He's on the evening jet, so we're just about through with the prep...12 long hours in planes to get to bed.

Back on the job tomorrow. The Old Man in now on the scene, and he's chompin' at the bit for his turn on the bow of the redneck ride. If the fish cooperate, it's gonna be an epic 3 days.

Final tally-
Fish: 8
Us: 10
Crabs (non-contenders): 21 still good.

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