Monday, June 16, 2008

Full Force

What started last week as a trickle is now a torrent...

Little Bro is back in OH, having bequeathed his spot on the bow to the Old Man. The Old Man, never one to mess around when it comes to fish, is doing quite a tidy job, battin' .500 with two mid-20's chromers.

The North wind blew today so things were a bit bumpy on the ride to church, but the Old Man showed some grit and savvy, sittin' on the fuel tank for a little cushier ride. As for us, we did our part by flooring it the whole way...just trying to help shorten the pounding.

At any rate, the game was on, further down the Island this more bay, two big bait concentrations, birds goin' haywire, and a pile of fresh fish ready to play ball. The Old Man held down the gear end of things with the new spinning rig while we manned the stern with the now-quite-nicely-broken-in-thank-you 10wt and a candlefish fly.

Taking pics while in the heat of the moment is often difficult, especially so when fishing with the man that taught us a lot of what we know about the game, so we didn't take any until the game was over. Still...we think they tell a hell of a story.

39", 38", and a pile of 36".

The Old Man and his kid, happy as hell.

This is what $478 of salmon looks like.

Tomorrow, we take out the Old Man's wife...we'll have our hands full, but there's nobody that we can think of offhand that we would rather have catch a big king than her.

Lookin' forward to another good day.

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