Wednesday, June 4, 2008

At least it wasn't chocolate...

Got a chance to throw the Winston bII-mx 10wt around the other day...


As a lifelong gear geek we have cast plenty of sticks looking for the right one, and the last year has been spent looking for the 10wt with which to rule the world, or at least a few king salmon. The search is officially over. Anything that can throw a 1/8oz. fly 90' with one backcast is officially good in our book. Paired with an Abel Super10 and a couple of Outbound sinking lines, we have a new Pimp-Stick.

No love but soul love during the casting session, but Big B did manage to hook up with a monster.
The title of this shot is "Starfish and B's Johnson"...ewww.

Fin was given until we busted out the dolly rods, then good times were had by all except the guy on the rock with the upside-down spinning reel casting what looked like a hubcap with a grappling hook on it. Apparently, some folks still haven't gotten the message that "Match the Hatch" applies up here.

Salty Love

Game off for the next few days, with clients and other obligations...but the kings are getting near.

We can feel it.

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