Friday, June 20, 2008


Tidewater Pluggin' is a hoot...

...Until 25lbs of pissed-off salmon does this to you when you try to take the hooks out without pliers.

We crimped the barb down and backed it out, soldiered on for a few more hours and a few more fish, then went for a tetanus shot.

That's what a fly-guy gets for dustin' off the old gear rod, we suppose.

Now we gotta learn to wipe left-handed for awhile.


junior said...

you are a BALLER.

G_Smolt said...

Jes' playin' the game, son.

If we remember correctly, y'all haven't had too bad a season yourownself.

Anonymous said...

You passed the test and are allowed to enter our realm!

bobby savoy said...

i hope you knocked down the free throws. damn.