Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More work, more play.

Had an AM trip today, got some real nice folks into a pile of fish and had a good time...

...'til we discovered that, somewhere in between dashing around unhooking fish and moving gear, we dropped out polyleader stash. We scoured the bank, walked down a ways, but no dice.

Back at the shop, a hasty phonecall to the Compound, and problem solved. More on the way (Thanks Jay) and we'll try not to pull that bonehead move again.

Junior got off the water same time as us today, and we decided to see what came in on the tide around the way.

Good thing we did.

Junior, throwin' up the muscle-boy weight.

Just about time for the fat lady to sing for the kings - more hens are showin' up, and the chums are startin' to show their ugly faces.

Won't be long 'til bead season, kids.


John said...

Looks like a SOTM candidate for Moldy Chum. Nice fish!

Anonymous said...

I like your blog!