Monday, January 21, 2008

Breakfast of Champions, v2.0

While Wings and a Latte might be the most satisfying breakfast duo since Bugs and Elmer, these fine noshables have waaay too much fat for the average fella to eat on a routine basis unless engaged in strenuous activity for at least, say, 15 hours a day. Every day.

Being that it IS winter, and the only thing we do strenuously for 15 hours a day is sleep, there really isn't any justification for the Wing Thang. Sure, a fella needs protein...Yeah, that latte tastes good, too... But not being able to fit into our waders come spring would sorta suck, you know?

So what's the solution, you ask?

Top Ramen. It's not just for poor college kids anymore.

Long the butt of many dorm jokes, Top Ramen shines in the post-academic arena as the versatile base layer for all sorts of culinary wizardry. Our personal breakfast favorite is Chicken base with an egg, some cilantro, a little ginger, a smattering of scallions, a few Thai Chiles and a skosh of nước mắm (that's fish sauce for you white devils)...Instant phở.

Noodles, you say? Uh-huh. For breakfast, even? Yup. Couple hundred calories, a little fat and some sodium, and just the right amount of protein all swimming happily in a hot spicy broth. Who needs a latte when you have capsaicin? All of this in only 5 minutes, too.

Gaze upon the Breakfast of Champions, mortals, and let it be known...

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Gourmand コシェ said...

But is it コシェ?

G_Smolt said...

But is it what?

Gourmand said...

コシェ or as some of you would call it: kosha!