Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Merry ChristmaHaunaKwanzaaKah all over again.

Got a package in the mail from Northern D today...

Awhile back, D and his pals decided to give up beading for the next season. Being the Gentlemen that we are, we pointed and laughed for awhile, then politely extended a wager of honor. We bet D $20 that he would use beads again, and we named the date, too: about 6 days after the first drop, when the trout go from being giddy to wary to downright evasive. As a helpful service to prevent backsliding, we offered to keep his beads here at the Neil Creek Savings and Trust.

Amazingly enough, he sent us a box of beads. Good ones too, with some full-on custom doctoring, perfect for slingin' dirty-style in the salmon flows around here. think we would be silly enough to give away another man's secret colors?



John said...

Thanks for sharing those colors with us you lowdowngoodfernothinverment. See if I ever let you peek into my bead box. Grrrrrr.

Northern D said...

Your discretion is much appreciated brotha. Happy Beadin!!