Friday, January 18, 2008

Places You Haven't Been #477

SouthEast AK is a pretty big place, geographically speaking. 8 really big islands, 20 or so just plain big islands, and about 1,000 other, smaller islands make for a lot of fishing area. Toss in the accompanying mainland coastline, and that fishable area gets a whole lot bigger. There is so much water to fish, so many flows to explore, that we seriously doubt a person could fish them all in a single lifetime.

While we would certainly relish the challenge, there are some flows that are so epic that a fella can't help but return year after year. We ain't exactly sure why we are drawn back to these places, as some are an enormous logistical bitch to get in and out of, but whatever the reason we return like a fool to folly.

Last year we got the chance to return to one of the epic flows of Southeast, this time in the company of Big B, Cap'n K, and BeeGee. 4 guys with flyrods, a lot of beer, some cigars, and 9 hours on a Mainland stream makes for a pretty good time. Toss in some hefty fish and a beer-fueled game of rod tube baseball, and you have all of the trappings of a hell of a fun trip.

Capn K and a dance partner.

One of many.

An unexpected guest.

Ever since we saw that German dude with the Seychelles bone, we been wantin' to do a parody of that shot...some might get it, others not.

Did we mention Beer?

Waitin' for the Plane.

Waiting for the spring...75 days and counting.


kbarton10 said...

Those fish are shinier than a newly minted quarter - stunning.

Northern D said...

That parody shot cracks me up. Nice hand placement. Work a ponytail into that shot next time and you got it nailed.