Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thinnin' the Herd

January is closet cleaning time. Rods, reels, miscellaneous crap layin' around the house...somethin's gotta give. We are rapidly running out of rod storage options, and the reel basket is overflowing.

So, the following items are for sale. Pics are available upon request. Prices are negotiable, and here's where you do the homework:
We ain't gonna give prices.
You have to make an offer on an item, then we dicker and haggle.
If you are a good dickerer and haggler, there are some deals to be had here...we want to divest ourselves of some of these items pretty badly, others not so much. Money Talks. Trades not only accepted, but widely encouraged, the more creative the better.
Old-School fleamarket swap-meet mojo. Let the buying begin...

Orvis T3 11wt 9' tip-flex 4 piece.
Sage TCR 8wt 9' 4 piece DEMO. SOLD
Sage RPl 6wt 9'6" 2 piece.
Sage SP+ 5wt 9' 2 piece.
G. Loomis GL3 7wt 9' 2 piece. SOLD
G. Loomis IMX 3wt 9' 2 piece.
Lamiglas G1000 9wt 9' 2 piece.
Echo Classic 6wt 10' 4 piece.
St Croix Avid 9/10wt 14' 3 piece.

Ross Colorado 1 SOLD
Ross Colorado 2 SOLD
Teton Tioga 8
Teton Tioga 12LA
(2)Airflo Balance57
Ari 't Hart design ATH Gallatin 1

Simms drycreek hip pack - SEE NOTE BELOW
Lines in 3-5-7-8-9-10-11 wt, various n sundry.
Wooden net, 8" handle, 15"x10" mouth.
Well-used waders...all MK. G3's, RiverTeks, and el cheapo Stearns. Lotta aquaseal in the g3s, none whatsoever in the RT's or the Stearns.

Gear Stuff:
Okuma Classic 450L
Penn 309
Quantum 1420MG
Shimano Calcutta 200
No-Name 7 1/2' Jig Stick
(2) 7' 1-piece telescoping Crankin' sticks, one has cork, the other hyphalon

NOTE: The hip pack has our name and addy inked in on the bottom. So far, this has disturbed a few people...If you own a sharpie and can cross our name out, there is still a good deal to be had here.

Post-holidaze bargain shoppers, here's your chance.

Make us an offer we can't refuse.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'd be interested in the Simms Hip pack. Color? How used? condition?


G_Smolt said...

You are second in line.

Orange...15 trips...excellent.

stay posted

blur said...

ross colorado 1 - I'd like that.
$50 okay?

junior said...


a couple of questions before we get down to business...
on the orvis website they don't list a t3 11 weight... whats the dilly?

How does that st. croix 14 footer cast? Do you have line and reel to go along with it?

G_Smolt said...

Ross colorados are semicollectible, so you are gonna hafta raise yer price, my man...last one that we saw on ebay went for $118.

Don't know what to tell you 'bout the whorvis catalog...but I will post a pic , just for you, nonbeliever.

The st croix casts like any other st croix...ok for a cheapie. the tioga 12la matches great with this rod, and somewhere I have a sa 9/10 long belly for it. this setup is pretty old, I think I have had it for 11-12 years.

You, however, can't buy anything until Pa gets his little red knife back.

G_Smolt said...

Ok, Jack, you are officially up-to-bat on the Simms hip pack.

And Blur-
We didn't mean to scare you...118 is a bit high. However, $50 is still too low. Hell, spare spools are more than $50.

junior said...

pm me his address and I'll do it today...


Nick said...

What condition is the 12LA in?

G_Smolt said...

Excellent condition, maybe even excellent+. Fished one season, then sidelined. One small wearmark (not a ding, not a scratch, the "black" is just worn off) on the bottom of the frame. 2-3 itty-bitty scratches on the frame, 1-2 on the spool.

Anonymous said...

What would you like? I can horse trade Pedigree Dog food but I don't have a freaking GPS to put your long/Lat into... Plus its heavy to ship.

How about 40 bucks for the Simms Bag and shipping? Thanks, Jack

blur said...

how about $75?

Floating said...

OK...I'm interested in the wooden net. Not sure what a reasonable offer would about 10 bucks and cover shipping costs?

G_Smolt said...

Blur- $80, you pay shipping, you got a deal. email me.

Floating - mmm..this thing is super-snazzy, brand-spankin'-never-been-in-water NEW, and sold for $60something...

Gimme $25 + ship and it's all yours. If you need photographic sales-stimulation, email me.

blur said...

g smolt - need email address or you can email me...

I'll take the co 1 for $80 + shipping.

G_Smolt said...


Reels gone as a set. Some guy from WA just POUNCED on em...I waited a day for your reply, then sold 'em both.

You need an Ari t'Hart?

junior said...

I'll give you a benjamin for that orvis t3 11 wt.

G_Smolt said...

Damn, Junior...a few weeks in FLA and you come back a shylockin' huckster?

No way. The originals went for $575, then $645 the last year of production. It still has 20 years of warranty left...

You can't even LOOK at this rod for less than 3 1/2 tons, son.

But when you do buy it, complete with the tioga 12LA and the orvis wonderline wf11f, you can go to belize and fish for tarpon with impunity.

Mail the Knife, too.

Floatydevice said...

"Gimme $25 + ship and it's all yours. If you need photographic sales-stimulation"

Hey G Smolt...Just checked back. I would like to take a look at it. How bouts shooting me an email with a pic? email is

Corvus said...

How about a hunnert for the G. Loomis IMX 3wt 9' 2 piece ?

G_Smolt said...

Email w/pic sent. Gimme a holla.

Negative. Gotta go Higher for the classics, man.

Pancho said...

Hi G Smolt, first, can you ship to chile?
i am interested in the Sage SP+ 5wt 9' 2 piece.
does it come with a rod tube? condition?
how about $100

Nice blog! Regards.


Corvus said...

My Social Security check only goes so far.. I thought I might get lucky. At my age hope is the only thing that "springs eternal." ;^)


G_Smolt said...

Yes I can ship to Chile, The rod comes with the original tube, is in excellent+ condition and No, $100USD won't cut it.

Try again.

Finman said...

How 'bout $50 for the Tioga 8?

G_Smolt said...


But $75 would do the trick.

Pancho said...

That´s ok G Smolt. Thanx! Maybe you could say what kind of lines you have. I could be interested in some #4, #5 or #6. Oh, and I have no clue about the shipping costs to Chile.
Best regards

G_Smolt said...

Lo siento, hombre.
Tenía solamente las líneas con números impares en pesos bajos, y todos los 5 se van.
¿Una suerte mejor la vez próxima, eh?

The Daybreaker said...

Can't find a Sage RP1 online ... info?

G_Smolt said...

R-P-L...Reserve Power Limited.

In a lot of folks' opinions, the single best rod Sage ever made.

Should be easy to find.

jabs said...

G- What condition is the echo 6wt and Teton 8? Got pics?


G_Smolt said...

Echo 6 - excellent++ condition. Used 1 season, then put away.

Tioga 8 - good to very good condition. Scrupulously maintained, skiff-rash on frame and part of spool, cosmetic blemishes only.

You need pics, email me.

gas tin eau _ smolt (at) hot mail (dot) com

Salty said...


you still have a 3wt floating line up for trade? I'll give you $20 for one

G_Smolt said...

Yep, I have a 2-tone SA mastery WF3F
that I could let go for $20...

email me.

Salty said...

email sent

ak_powder_monkey said...

hip pack still around? Will it fit a dslr?

S. W. said...


What's the condition of the RPL and SP+?

G_Smolt said...

Fished hard, but well-loved.

both show signs of use, but are still in excellent condition.

Email me for pics n stuff

Anonymous said...

Is your ATH Gallatin 1 still available? What condition is it in?

Thomas Berggren said...

Hi, 300 $ for the Sage Sp+ 590....

How about that?

// Thomas Berggren, Sweden

G_Smolt said...

Gallatin 1 is in excellent- condition. Fished, but loved.


$350 + shipping and it is yours.

The sp+ are a collectible series now, you understand...

Thomas Berggren said...

Okay, I'm on....

Last piece in this is a secure trade. I would not like to pay for anything I don't get and you will certainly not like to send the rod without beeing payed..... How go on? Any suggestion?


G_Smolt said...

Email sent.

Thomas Berggren said...

Hi Mark!

Just want to post a.......
"thanks man" the rod was grate and the deal went smooth.

So! Guys.. skip looking at the Sage Sp+... The rod bends daily in Sweden now...

Cheers// Thomas