Sunday, January 27, 2008

Apologies all 'Round

Things have been hectic around the Neil Creek Compound as of late...

With travel plans finalized and fishing schedules being worked out, we came to the realization that the "play and travel" days far outnumber the "work and toil" days for the next 2 months. A good thing if the 9 to 5 grind is your scene, but bad news if deadlines are to be met, as ours are.

Writing is best accomplished in a minimal-stress, relaxed environment. Ideal settings include after a day of summer fishing, or a lazy afternoon spent daydreaming and typing.

Winter, however free of distractions it may seem, is NOT the stress-free, ideal setting for undamming the flow of creative juices. Especially if someone else is paying you for your knowledge, experience, and perceived writing ability. Winter is a small, dark place of indeterminate length, a cramped, cold environment that limits the flow of the juices, so to speak.

With the Wife off to another "seal-squeezer" conference and the dog installed in front of the pellet stove, this last week was as distraction-free as any we were going to see in the near future, and in order to vacation and play with a clear conscience, we did what was necessary. We wrote, often feverishly, and often into the wee hours of the morning. Final tally...on the level of 10,000 finished words since last sunday. Not to mention the attendant research. The rewriting, the reprhasing, the final editing...

We're worded out.

Sorry. We didn't leave any time for you.

But we strive to make things right again. All this writing is not going to waste, really. It will be part of an Alaska Fly Fishing site that will launch around April...more details to come.

At any rate, We are back from our self-imposed exile. It is still only 8° outside, and there ain't any fish to catch, but dammit, only 64 days and counting.



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Can't wait to see the site. Glad you're 'back'.