Friday, January 4, 2008

Holidaze Redux, post #100, Resolutions, and blathering.

We are just about over this whole respiratory infection thingy. Strong tea, nose hosing, a new humidifier, staying away from beer, and about 9 gallons of gatorade have helped things, so we are almost out of the woods on that front. We would like to think that we are well enough to do the friday night Usual with Surf n' Turf, but something tells us that a few beers after the Hockey Game could lead to a major setback.

Speaking of the devil, Beers were consumed with the Moldy B2 and Chief-Angler ER over the holidaze, and as usual when Beer is present, plans are hatched. We're not sure if all of our scheming and plotting will come to fruition, but it sure is fun pondering the possibillities over beers.

B2 on the left, Chief Angler on the right. Some foo' in the middle.

While we're on the topic of The Moldy Chum, voting has commenced for the "Slab Of The Year" contest. We ain't gonna stand on a soapbox, kiss babies, or hand out $20's, but we do have a horse in this particular race to tell y'all about. We got a feelin' that a gold medal is sorta out of the question, but it would be nice to see some love for a big honkin' AK Saltwater King done up flystyle. Just sayin'.

Post #100. A fine time to look back at the dust we have created and time we have wasted...
Coho - 23%
Dolly Varden - 18%
Beads, love thereof - 12%
Being a Geek - 7%
Tearful reminiscing about unfrozen waters - 5%
Flies - 5%
Music - 3%
Huge Mountain Goats, Moose in Wires (tie) - 1%
Miscellaneous Drivel - 25%

...Which might substitute for a segue into a few of our New Year's Resolutions, in no particular order:
-Take More Pics.
Lately, we forget the camera, or leave it in our pockets. No more. It's digital, it ain't like it's wasting film...

-Get With the 2-Hand Thingy.
We have been switchroddin' for a few years, but lately the bum shoulder has been making singlehandin' a bitch...gotta go all-in with the Old-Man stick, save what little cartilage is left in the vecchio braccio di destra.

-Fish the Surface.
Coho and dollies are fun n' all, but the real targets this year are the heavy hitters. Steelhead don't normally do the Skated Fly thing in AK, mostly because the water is right around 37°. We might be on to something that could change that. Kings on the surface...need we say more?

-Bring a Rod.
Gonna get one of those Beulah travel rods and just keep it in the carry-on. A fella never knows when the opportunity will arise, eh?

Maybe we'll get a chance to use a travel rod in about a month... the Fly Show is going down in Bellevue, WA, in about 4 weeks, so there is a distinct possibility that the travelling road-show and Beer Fountain will be seen somewhere near the Meydenbauer Center around that time. Anyone wanna take us fishin'?

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Yi said...

Looking forward to seeing a king rise to the occasion. That hands down would be super bad. The 2 hand thing ain't so bad. It won't help you climb the fly fishing hierarchy though.

Come up to Southcentral...we have some big water here that takes kindly to the deuce.