Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Well, that's not good...

We have a trip planned for Friday. According to this wind map, conditions are going to suck. Matter of fact, they are going to suck so bad that cancellation of said trip appears unavoidable.

Not that fishing in the wind and rain is something that we shy away from...We actually dig the wind and rain here at Neil Creek, because it keeps the crowds down.

No, the reason that we ain't gonna go through with it has more to do with trying to land a float plane in 5 foot seas. Something we haven't been party to, and based on prior experience with marginal conditions, not one we would willingly try.

I'm sure there will be other trips...but this one, based on an eyewitness account by Shaky J, was going to rule. 26 inch dollies in riffles, just waiting for something remotely round and egg-looking to come drifting down within, oh, say 4 feet of them before the mad dash and pounce.

Shaky J will get out there some other time, as will me and the Fanz. Spanky, on the other hand, is the only regular joe in the group and will probably have to plan around that Work thingy, which might be a pain seeing as how the season is rapidly coming to a close.

So the year-end blowout comes up fizzling. Sad fact, but as we were told by a pilot earlier this year, "Yeah, I might be able to land in this. And I might even be able to take off again. But I can't come get you if it stays like this."

We got away with it once. Not gonna push our luck.

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