Sunday, September 23, 2007

Can Ya Play Somethin Funky For a Brotha To Fish To?

Got after it at the crack o' 11 with Shaky J and Big B, headed for a local that is usually packed on weekends...

That is, on weekends where the weather is nice.

Once again, Brother Rain and Uncle Wind visited us here at the Neil Creek Estate, making today a pleasant experience for all 5 people outdoors.

The day started with a few fish givin' J the fin, probably some piscine commentary on his choice of flies for this particular hole. J, my man, if you read this, next time select a fly that is smaller than 1/9th total water depth of the pool, ok? Good.

At any rate, things picked up at one particular hole, except for J. He got fin, and lots.

A fella can only take so much, then you gotta do something, so we left in search of fish without attitude.

Pa always told me, "Don't leave fish to find fish", and those words echoed in my brain for about the next mile.

The rain picked up, and with it, the water level, albeit very slightly. Normally, this would be a good thing, but these fish were oblivious.

Even my repeated shouting of "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!" at them seemed to have no effect today.

After getting spectacular amounts of fin from very hard-to-impress fish (and trying to keep ahead of Shaky 'cause that Skunk on his back), We arrived back at the pool.

J got after it Funky style, hummin' a few bars and doin a little dance on the gravelbar, then Climbing up on a boulder to "get a better angle, brotha".

He did it all for the Sizzle.

Check it, peeps.

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