Friday, September 7, 2007

¡Viva La Evolutión!

Remember the Pollywog?

Great fly. Until you get a little slime on it, then it sinks like a stone.

And casts like one too.

We used to love pollywogs, but they are a capital B Bitch to tie, unless you like sitting behind a vise for 40 minutes and breaking thread spinning deerhair.

You could get 'em for about $4 a whack, but paying for flies always rubbed us the wrong way.

Another thing that sucked about the pollywog was the dye in the deerhair. Unless you wanted everything in your box to be cerise (or your hands, jacket, cork, etc.), you couldn't put 'em away wet.

Enter the Techno-wog.

Another great fly. No dye to rub off, the foam floats when slimy, casts like a dream...but you still have to tie 'em, or pay $4 a whack when you can find 'em, and they aren't exactly an everyday item in most flyshops.


The next Great Leap Forward was inspired by the Fanz, who takes Thoreau one step further by saying "Simplify...and Cheapen."

Ladies and Gentlemen...the 3rd Generation Wog:

¡Viva La Evolutión!

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