Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Rears its Ugly Head

Spent all day today waiting for the heater repairman to show, only to get a 3 pm call from my wife, telling me that the appointment was canceled and Monday was the earliest they could get out.

Waste of a day, but these things happen.

During my wait I managed to tie up one of the many kinky-looking leech patterns that have been floating around in my brain. I would consider this to be some minor day-salvage, but y'all decide...

Materials are a cotter pin, 30# fireline, Krystal Hackle, Marabou, Flashabou, and a whole bunch of zap-a-gap.

The first frost warning of the year was issued today. Valleys and passes are expected to freeze, and there might be a touch of the white here at Neil Creek as well...

I'm not really ready for it to be winter yet.

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