Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hittin' It, Keystone Kops Style.

Went out to a Popular spot yesterday with a couple of friends, ex-Alaskans currently living in Washington.

While avid fishers, they certainly weren't the predatory fish-ninjas that we normally fish with. We here at Neil Creek don't pass judgment on fishing ability...everyone started somewhere, and like Hinduism, you get what you want and need from fishing...but it was kind of funny to watch 4 guys snagging up, throwing casts in trees, falling in, and generally mucking about.

The great thing was, they all caught fish. We pointed, they cast (sometimes hitting the river, sometimes not), they hooked, and it was on.

out of 14 other folks on the creek, we saw and heard of one other fish. I bet that all those folks had to do was cast for a few squirrels and fall in once or twice, and it would have been on for them too.

One of Six for the Kops.

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