Friday, September 14, 2007


Dinkin' around with the collection the other day.

This is a Laurel F-5, serial #3, built by Mike Blohm in Laurel, Montana. Mike makes great mandos, but after about 4 or 5 builds he had to change the name from "The Laurel" to "Blohm"...something about another maker already using the name or something...

At any rate, Mike is still building, and is now distributed by Greg Boyd's House of Fine Instruments in Missoula, MT.

This particular mando cuts a mic somethin' fierce, and has a peculiar, drippy tone in the high registers. It was my go-to bar-gig instrument because it is loud as all get-out and it doesn't mind a drink or two.

The tune is "Goldrush", a Monroe tune, just not picked like ol' Bill hisself...more in the vein of Sizemore.

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Mike B said...

Glad to see #3 is getting picked.

Just took up flyfishing myself. I'm spending too much time fishing and not enough mandolin building.

Best to you and yours.

Mike Blohm