Monday, September 17, 2007

Places you haven't been #2,977

After yesterday's vision of hell in the form of Doink and his rental car, the Fanz and I decided to get the hell out of town.

Weatherbreaks after the Ides of September are a rarity in our neck of the woods, so we took full advantage of a 10kt NW forecast, loaded up the RedNeck Ride with a full complement of gear and took off.

45 minutes saw us at the mouth of a river seldom visited by Townies. The Fanz has a theory of an invisible ring about 15 miles from the edge of town, a ring that a lot of folks seldom venture outside the bounds of.

I think I speak for all of us in the Lynn Canal Pirates Association when I say "Thank You" to all those folks that don't come out here.

More for us.

At any rate, we had a good day of being the only folks for miles catching fish...ok, we were the only folks for miles.

We had a Brown Fishin' Buddy hangin' out for about an hour, chasing humpies in a back-slough.

We had solid takes by big fish on big flies swung deep in small slots.

We had the kind of day that only the locals have.

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